Commercial HVAC Solutions

Keeping business on track and on time

The root of Celtic's pride is in commercial and industrial HVAC/R and gains its reputation from the smooth operation of large scale operations. Celtic offers the fast response time and 24 hour service that building and property owners demand; any system, 24 hours a day, call for fast and reliable service.

No matter the industry we offer comprehensive maintenance plans specifically tailored to your HVAC/R systems. With these maintenance plans we prevent unforeseen system failures and subsequent downtime/loss of income by carrying out a periodic inspection of all vital components and providing a detailed report of issues and recommendations. Take a look at the following for a comprehensive list of our services and how we can help you:

Restaurants, Bars, & Kitchens

Walk in coolers & freezers
Reach in coolers & freezer prep tables
Glycol beverage systems
Kitchen & bathroom exhaust fans
Exhaust hoods
Make-up Airs
Rooftop HVAC systems
Friers and stoves

Property Management

Air compressors
Small to large tonnage HVAC rooftops
Building management systems
Electronic and pneumatic control systems
Domestic hot water heaters
Hydronic Boiler systems
Expansion tanks
Centrifugal pumps
System chemical treatment and filtering
Mechanical inspections

Manufacturing Plants

Dust and metal collection systems
Make up airs, extraction hoods and exhaust fans
Integral refrigeration for CNC machines, compressors, VFD cabinets
Paint booth systems
High capacity boiler/hydronic systems
Electrical motors, drives and belts
Server room cooling and humidity control
Pneumatic and electrical control systems

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